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Serving New Thought Brings New Thought to our fingertips

There are great features in the free email marketing.

Ministries that think they cannot afford to support the work we do can send annual letters of need to access resources.

Customize it with your own colors and logo, so it perfectly fits your brand. Layer your mailing list with public social data, providing you with powerful new ways to engage your readers.

Create stunning emails with templates anyone can use.

Facebook features help you make connections, add fans, and get the word out about your newsletter.

  • Customize
    • with your own colors and logo, thereby matching up with your minstry "branding"
    • Layer your mailing list with public social data
    • powerful new ways to engage your readers.
  • Powerful email communication
    • by using simple, yet elegant templates
    • enhanced through Social Media
    • Meet-Up, Google & Facebook integration
      add fans, and get the word out about your newsletter.
  • Interact with other networked ministers
    • About 10% of the world believes in New Thought princniples, yet does not know about the New Thought movement.
    • You are unique and through networking with a variety of New Thought ministers from different backgrounds and around the globe you can grow and they can grow too.
  • Social Statistics
    • integrate your campaigns with social networks, and find out who's liking and tweeting your emails.
    • customize your campaigns with subscriber names, sharing links, videos, polls and more by using a simple merge tag.
  • Media Link and Resource Integrations
    • increase your outreach through applying to be featured in the media links rotations
    • get more eyes on your website,
  • Powerful tools to support your community and "expand your reach beyond your grasp."
    • create and schedule automated messages that make your subscribers feel special and encourage engagement
    • ongoing system optimization using the latest technolgy
    • plain English support in a network of caring New Thought colleagues.
    • 3rd party monitoring services and more to keep and eye on your dns, as well as maximize delivery to all New Thought Seekers.
    • Segment groups, such as your board, core council, teachers, practitioners, new visitors, web audience, etc...
    • or segment based on interest, engagement, or activities.
    • deliver your message to your entire audience, or to segments of that audience.

The training we give you for free is valued between $240 to $360 per hour.

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Technology to support bringing the Good News of New Thought to the world

We are part of a global trend of people helping people through networks and sharing.

A better world begins and continues with each of us!!!

It is all about you. Your spiritual path is not about something outside of you. It is about you.

We work with you to insure your growth

We work with New Thought Sharers (ministers, teachers and practitioners) around the world helping them to create media that support seekers on the spiritual path. Networked ministers gain valuable links which raise their rating in the search engines, though processing public domain New Thought Books and writing reviews for those works increasing their public profile through our extensive network of websites and internet resources.

Other great New Thought resources that are free include:

More resources can be found at: SpiritualResources.org


Join the Team!

Serving New Thought Brings New Thought to our Fingertips

Our "Be The Change" Volunteer program is fun and a valuable experience. You learn web technologies through hands on experience helping make more texts available to the world, reviewing texts and thereby building your New Thought credentials in a real way that people around the globe can see.

Apply Now!

Minister Volunteers can earn certification and qualification in New Thought Library Science.

Featured Media:

hailed as "hauntingly beautiful" and "a lyrical masterpiece" 
Divine Tao is a must for the Seeker or Sharer

New Thought Resources:


is an important part of our lives. Celebration supports our spiritual journey through the sharing & releasing of energy. Join people around the globe to celebrate New Thought Day on August 23th as first announced by the former President of the New Thought Alliance, James A. Edgerton announced on August 23rd, 1915.



New Thought Centers in the Conscious Ministry program anywhere around the globe can apply for additional support in the form of equipment, routers and more....

Call (USA) 505.216.6397


The World needs you!

New Thought support around the globe

"The truth, once announced,
has the power not only to renew but to extend itself.
New Thought is universal in its ideals
and therefore should be universal in its appeal
Under the guidance of the spirit,
it should grow in good works
until it embraces many lands
and eventually the whole world."

--Mr. James A. Edgerton, former President of the International New Thought Alliance on New Thought Day, August 23, 1915

More Great New Thought Resources:

Spiritual Exploration

Today, with free countries experiencing actual intellectual and religious freedom. People are free to explore more than ever before. Although religious fundamentalists in the 2nd and 3rd world's seek to restrict this basic divine / human right. You can explore. Use your mind and you will find deep positive means to express yourself spiritually in caring communities.

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